Xcode-like HTML and JUnit report for Unit and UI Tests

Website: github.com
Date: July 26, 2017
Frameworks: Swift, XCResultKit, Rainbow


XCTestHTMLReport is an HTML version of Xcode’s powerful test report interface. It gain in popularity in the past few years is now reaching 500 starts on Github and is part of Github Archive Program aiming at preserving open source code.


XCTestHTMLReport tries to replicate all the features Xcode provides and more. Lots of them have been implement by the community.

  • Supports parallel testing
  • Supports attachments:
    • .png
    • .jpeg
    • .txt
    • .log
    • .mp4
  • Navigate through the report with the keyboard’s arrow keys
  • Filter out successful or failed tests
  • Displays information about the target device
  • Displays activity logs
  • Junit report

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